Leso Intersections

Desktop Application for calculating the intersections between cadastral and forest graphic layers in Bulgarian ZEM or CAD files

Leso Intersections
Какво е Leso Intersections?

WHAT IS Leso Intersections?

Leso Intersections is Windows Desktop Application to ease calculations of the intersections between cadastral and forest parcels in layers LESO and CADASTER in Bulgarian ZEM and CAD files.

Proper use in preparing the documentation for the annual use of woods.


Pretty easy! Download and install the application. Activate the application once you get the activation code.

Run the application from his icon and specify a ZEM file from which you'll use the forest layer LESO. If same file contains cadastral information in layer CADASTER just tick the box in front of "Read CADASTER layer from same file", otherwise specify the file contains the cadstral information with layer CADASTER.

When all data is load this app will automatically calculate the intersection between both layers.

The result of intersection visualize in two panes. The left pane has root and leaves structure with important data from LESO layer with plus sign in front of each parcel with intersection. When point some row from the left pane in the right pane will shows graphical representation of the parcels and the intersection.

The results can be easily exported as a CSV file to be used in other applications.



    • Calculating of the intersections between layers contained in same files - for ZEM files contained both layers.
    • Calculating of the intersections between layers from two different files


    • No need of specific knowledge to work with the App
    • Extremely simple and intuitive work environment


    • Saving results in standart CSV file
    • Reuse of the results in other Applications
    • When updating the LESO layer after making a new Forest plan (FP) and generating new LESO layer user does not need to have a file with re-joint cadastral data with the new LESO layer, it is sufficient to indicate the file with the new LESO layer


If you like this Application and it will be useful for You - You need to buy a lifetime licence per workstation. The licence must be paid once and is liable just for one working place (single workstation). It cannot expired or be replaced and applies to any further updates of the product for free.

To buy a licence You need to fill the registration form with your personal or business information needed for making your registration code and issuing an accounting documents for the purchase.


Follow the steps bellow to finishing the registration process:

  • Fill the registration form with your personal or business data. Important step is to fill correct email address to receive accounting documents.
  • After we receive a clear payment to our account You will receive an email with your activation code. Save this code in some secure place because this code will be very useful if you need to reinstall the application.
  • If you still not install the application You can do so by downloading and run installation file from the link provided by email which you will received immediately after submitting the registration. When installation finish run the app.

The application will bring a registration window on the first run, which you will see until finishing registration process. Registration window needs filling of just one field - the activation code, which will receive after we receive clear payment. After this step the application is ready to work.



• Computer system: 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 100MB free disk space
• Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 или 10



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